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Waterproof tunnels,

excellent for most concrete constructions!

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The RockDrain System is full scale tested for more than 8 years and showed excellence. Evaluated by IVL – The Swedish Environmental Research Institute. 

Drains, water, fire, (and frost – where needed) -proofing tunnels and underground constructions in the most cost-effective and sustainable way.

Our line of environmental friendly and innovative waterproof and insulating concrete bring advantages into all concrete construction in general.

We use modern technology to improved the success they had in eg. Petra Jordan for about 2.200 years ago with waterproof concrete. 

“They created underground cisterns that were lined with waterproof concrete, to prevent the water from seeping into the earth. The cisterns were very well-constructed, and several of them are still in use to this day.”

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Advantages, savings!

  • Lower Cost (L 55%
  • Increased lifespan 89%
  • Better eutrophication 55%
  • Less timeconsuming 62%

Finished drained, fire, water and frost -proof tunnels and underground constructions in only 8 cm. 

+ 120 years lifespan.

Excellent for rehabilitations.

It´s hard to find any reason NOT to use this system!

The numbers does not lie

RockDrain; drain (patent), water, fire and frost -proofing system is an economical innovative system for tunnels and underground constructions.

Full-scale tested and evaluated by;

IVL – The Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

Compared with Scandinavian conventional frost and waterproofing method often called NMT. The RockDrain System excels in all aspect!

Easy installation.

Paula works for one of Swedens largest construction companies.  Installing drain-net.

Article in;

Tunnelling Journal February 2017


Lower cost - LCC


Photochemical ozone (POCP)


Energy consumption




Global warming