2009 – Uddevalla, Sweden.

The first Swedish full-scale test of the RockDrain system took place in the Kattleberg tunnel. A railroad tunnel approximately 30 km north of Gothenburg, Sweden.

THE ROCK DRAIN CONCEPT has over the past 8 years been developed and installed for test and live installations. The result of the preliminary test Trafikverket – The Swedish Transport Administration for Rail and Road implementation ordered a full-scale test in KATTLEBERG TRAIN TUNNEL – all paid by Trafikverket.

The full scale test was executed together with:

  • IVL – Swedish Environmental Research Institute
  • SP – Technical Research Institute of Sweden
  • CBI – Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute
  • Two of Norway’s and Sweden’s major construction companies

Their studies have given these results, as compared to other existing solutions:

  • 55.2% lower cost
  • 42.7% lower energy consumption
  • 31.0% lower global warming potential (GWP)
  • 36.0% less acidification
  • 54.8% better eutrophication
  • 27.9% less photochemical ozone creation potential (POCP)
  • 70.1% less waste

As a result of this mentioned results – Trafikverket has ordered our RockDrain Concept to be used in the problem tunnel HALLANDSAASEN.